Multi-session, ongoing engagements

Being able to work with groups on an ongoing basis allows us to share our knowledge in-depth and help carry it into sustained action.

As an example, on a four month project, we worked closely with the CEO of a mid-sized company to help the organization deal with change and risk.

In order to do this, we interacted with three main groups:

  1. The CEO
  2. The CEO and his Executive Team (six people)
  3. The Management Team (level of managers below the Executive Team that have the most interaction with the front line, 12 people)

We started by collaborating with the CEO to learn about his new vision and desired culture for the organization. This led to discovery research on what the different leadership groups were thinking and facing. Conducting a series of one-on-one interviews with the Executive Team, Management Team, as well as key members of the front line helped provide a snapshot of the current state from across the organization.

This allowed us to tailor a program that achieved the CEO's vision. This included facilitating a series of workshops with the CEO and the Executive Team to create alignment. After that, the Management Team became involved in the changes. Once everyone was aligned, the new vision, new ways of making decisions and expected behaviors were rolled out the to the rest of the organization. We also helped create new reports and metrics for measurement.