A keynote presentation can be a great way to rev up an audience, introduce a new topic, or try to move a group towards a new direction or objective. It can also be an excellent avenue to share, via an outside voice, a message you have been telling the group (or trying to tell them).

Whether it’s for a trade show, organization or team, we will connect with your group. We offer keynotes on a wide range of topics including motivation, employee engagement, innovation, leadership, team development, management, goals, culture, human dynamics, purpose, passion, loving your work, how to help people love their work, and many more.


We have spoken to trade association members about how they can be more effective leaders and create a culture of innovation inside their organizations. We have talked at colleges about how to be passionate about your career choice. We have spoken to managers about what their work preferences mean to how they manage and how they can help their people be more engaged.

Many times, we weave in content from the two books written by Andrew Harrison:

"Love Your 84,000 Hours at Work: Stories on the Road from People with Purpose and Passion,"

Dotted Lines Press, 2010, by Andrew Harrison

"The Invisible Element: A Practical Guide for the Human Dynamics of Innovation,"

Innovatus Press, 2011, by Robert B. Rosenfeld and Gary J. Wilhelmi with Andrew Harrison


A keynote usually runs from ten to sixty minutes. There are common principles that run throughout our talks, but we will tailor the presentation to your needs and to your audience. To inquire about a keynote, please Contact Us