Books and Publications

Much of the work we do comes from the lessons of purpose, passion and innovation found in the two books written by Andrew Harrison.

"Love Your 84,000 Hours at Work: Stories on the Road from People with Purpose and Passion,"

Dotted Lines Press, 2010, by Andrew Harrison

"The Invisible Element: A Practical Guide for the Human Dynamics of Innovation,"

Innovatus Press, 2011, by Robert B. Rosenfeld and Gary J. Wilhelmi with Andrew Harrison


Some additional publications by Andrew Harrison:

  • "Journey to Commercialization: Transitioning Breakthrough Nanowire Technology Out of the Laboratory and Onto the Road," New Energy magazine
  • "Cornell University: An Innovation Hub in Energy Materials," New Energy magazine
  • "Selling with Psychology: Know Your Buyers' Behavior and Change Yours,"
  • "How to love your job," PracticeLink Magazine
  • "5 lessons about choosing a career," Next Step magazine (now NextStepU)
  • "The Road to a Passionate Career: Getting Started," (now Nexxt)
  • "The Road to a Passionate Career: You are The One!" (now Nexxt)
  • "The Seeker," Worthwhile Magazine



Additional suggested reading:

A book that uses business stories to explain the human principles of innovation, "Making the Invisible Visible: The Human Principles for Sustaining Innovation," 2006, by Robert B. Rosenfeld