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Andrew Harrison is the Founder of Bonfire Consulting. He brings a unique background as social innovator, author and researcher of human motivation. Andrew’s research began in 2004 when he exchanged his master’s degree and high paying sales job for a year on the road—traveling the United States interviewing people from varied backgrounds about how they came to discover passion from their work; a passion which inevitably spilled over into the remaining aspects of their lives (

His study of human motivation now spans many industries and fields. Andrew’s debut book entitled, “Love Your 84,000 Hours at Work: Stories on the Road from People with Purpose and Passion” (Dotted Lines Press, 2010), chronicles the inspiring journeys of a select number of people who have mastered one of the core ingredients to maintaining a happy life—loving what you do (

In 2007, Andrew’s travels and studies brought him to Idea Connection Systems, a global innovation consulting firm (, where he interviewed Bob Rosenfeld. Their meeting was a connection of values and minds that spawned Andrew initially joining the company as the writer of Bob Rosenfeld and Gary Wilhelmi’s book, “The Invisible Element: A Practical Guide to the Human Dynamics of Innovation” (Innovatus Press, 2011).

Writing “The Invisible Element” allowed Andrew to learn firsthand from two expert practitioners on how innovation happens inside organizations. In the process of researching and writing the book, Idea Connection Systems asked him to come aboard in a more active day-to-day role. Andrew has been an understudy to Bob Rosenfeld since 2008 and was also an instrumental part of the Idea Connection Systems team that developed the ISPI™ (Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator®). He was on the delivery team for the first ever ISPI™ workshop, is Certified in the ISPI™ and one of the leading experts for using the ISPI™ for individual, team and organizational development.

Andrew continues to have a strong relationship with Idea Connection Systems, as he is their Innovation Ambassador. This allows both organizations to leverage one another for ideas and projects.

Andrew’s unique blend of analysis, sales, marketing, training, writing and speaking makes him a valuable asset to our team and to our clients. He has a hand in delivering or designing most of our programs. Andrew particularly enjoys keynote presentations as well as leading programs on the human principles that create a more positive and motivating culture. He also instructs and inspires people on how to marry purpose and passion into their work. Andrew has a true passion for teaching the tools of the motivation trade; a byproduct from his days as a former adjunct college professor.

Andrew’s work has been featured in the Miami Herald, Charlotte Observer, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, as well as on local ABC, CBS, Fox, and Time Warner TV news programs, NPR radio, and a number of business journals and national magazine publications. He is currently based in Rochester, NY and is both purposeful and passionate about family, writing, traveling, meeting new people, speaking to groups, food, playing golf and watching sports.