About Us

At Bonfire Consulting, we blend our unique backgrounds and real world experiences to help our clients work, manage and lead more effectively.

Purpose. Passion. Inspiration. Innovation. Individuals, teams, and organizations would love to have these, but the formula for reaching this potential is a complicated one. If your group was working more efficiently and effectively, the ROI (return on investment) would be huge.

Whether you have a team of two or 200, Bonfire Consulting can help with how they work together, perform and lead. Every group is different in their goals, leadership and culture, but the human principles that point to success remains constant.

Much of the work we do comes from the lessons found in the two books written by our founder, Andrew Harrison.

"Love Your 84,000 Hours at Work: Stories on the Road from People with Purpose and Passion,"

Dotted Lines Press, 2010, by Andrew Harrison

"The Invisible Element: A Practical Guide for the Human Dynamics of Innovation,"

Innovatus Press, 2011, by Robert B. Rosenfeld and Gary J. Wilhelmi with Andrew Harrison


We work with teams and organizations of all sizes. Whether you are a start-up, are leading a small business, or are a group inside a Fortune 100 organization, we understand and can relate to what you are facing.

At a high level, we work with:

  • Existing Teams
  • Newly Formed Teams
  • Team Selection
  • Some Examples of Teams:
    • Leadership, Management
    • Sales, Marketing, Communication, Public Relations
    • Innovation, Research and Development, Technology, Engineering
    • Human Resources, Organizational Development, Training
  • Personal Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • High Potentials
  • Organizational Analysis and Development
  • Culture Analysis and Culture Shift

At Bonfire Consulting, we can help ignite the fire within your team or group via:

Our programs have central themes, but each one is tailored specifically to the need of the client. Important topics include goals, leadership, culture, human dynamics, motivation and innovation.